Monday, 28 May 2007

More swimming (Training day 23)

If anything, today is even wetter than yesterday - the river Mole has been re-diverted to fall from the sky instead of through the Surrey Downs. At least i have my new over-shoes, so I'm fully prepared for the worst the weather can throw at me. So, after two hours today, my feet are ... just as wet as yesterday. Protective shoes appear to be as much use as ... the original shoes I was wearing anyway. Hmmm, back to the drawing board on that one. Start praying a lot harder for truely dry weather in June.

The Ipod is surviving the weather better than my feet! After fixing this last week (see day 5), the device has been playing well through the rain, sweat and dropping abuse. I've been listening to an eclectic collection of podcasts - mixture of business education, philosophy, science and coaching. One of the most interesting has been the weekly podcast from New Scientist - sadly I discovered today that this is being discontinued. Oh well, I'll need to search out some other interesting sites before the tour proper.

Another 40 miles in the saddle again today - same route as yesterday, so keeping up the hill training as well as the mileage.

Training summary: 40 miles today, 474 miles total

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