Thursday, 10 May 2007

Fixing an Ipod (Training day 5)

So I decided to contact Bike Adventures today, having worked through the doubts from yesterday. They have one place available on the tour, as someone has just cancelled. It's staying in B&B's which is more expensive than I had planned, but probably a better idea. Stand some chance of drying out clothes if it rains - I guess there's a strong chance of that even in June.

Another advantage of taking the supported tour and staying in B&B's is that I can take my laptop with me. I want to write about the experience, and capturing thoughts in the evening straight after a day's riding is more likely to record my direct experiences than if I need to recall everything weeks later. And it means I can re-charge (and refresh) my Ipod regularly.

I realised today how important the Ipod is going to be ... as it wasn't working. The 11 miles home suddenly become a long, slow, boring ride without interesting podcasts to keep me going. Anyway, I survived the experience and managed to fix the Ipod. Found a wonderful site (and another) that described dismantling and repairing Ipods, which gave me all the information I needed.

And I had my final consultation meeting with my current boss - agreed my final end date for redundancy. Agreed on the 8th June, so that I can start my epic adventure. I noticed that I started caling the tour "epic" today instead of "mad". Progress ...

Training summary: 19 miles today, 74 miles total

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