Wednesday, 16 May 2007

My New Bike (Training day 11)

Up at crack of dawn again for another 17 mile cycle to work. It really is a struggle to get up and do this, but this is the last day on the mountain bike, so hoping that all will become easier from tomorrow.

I started talking to some colleagues about my plans for a book today. The intro to my blog mentions goal-setting as I plan to produce a book on goal setting, using some of my experiences from this training and the actual ride as background material. The plans for the book were developing before I set out on the epic venture, but the two have now become merged. This now all links up with my busines plans after the redundancy.

Hurried home the short way - I haven't taken this short way home for over a week and it now feels slightly strange. How different from day 5 when I was struggling to get over Ranmore Common. Collect the new bike but no time to use it tonight.

Training summary: 24 miles today, 217 miles total

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