Saturday, 2 June 2007

Saturday morning (Training day 28)

With more family duties this weekend, I can't quite fit in another 40+ mile ride, but I get out early on saturday morning and out 30 miles under my legs before heading off with the family. Needed an extra lap round Dorking at the end to bring the total up to 30 miles, which is great as this brings thios week's total to 200 miles - 40+ on three days and 30 today. This is now starting to sound like the serious mileage of the tour ... well maybe half of it.

Found Simon Berry's diary blog from his LEJOG last year. This is great, as he seems to have set out to do the tour in 10 days, with no more training than I have done with 15 days tocomplete - he needed to target 90+ miles a day on the tour, while I have a much easier 65 miles a day on average. On the other hand, his blog highlights some of the hills I will meet in the first couple of days - he has mentioned 40% ... considerably more than the 20% mentioned in Bike Adventures information sheets.

Training summary: 30 miles today, 594 miles total (200 in week 4)

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