Saturday, 26 May 2007

Saturday morning (Training day 21)

Early start again - alarm set for 6.20 - at the weekend. Aim to get through today's training before my children arrive at lunchtime. Head out to my (now) favourite hill (the Zig Zag road at Boxhill) and head for Westhumble, Wotton and Ranmore. The descent from Ranmore Common down into Gomshall is scarey at times, but peaceful on a quiet Saturday morning. From Abinger, instead of going straight home, I take a righ down to Leith Hill and Coldharbour. Finally get home to meet the girls for lunch and a rest.

This was 32 miles according to Google maps, my longest single journey for some years. Probably my longest trip since the London-Brighton event (20-ish years ago). This was a good long trip, but I didn't quite make 40 miles, which was the target for this week. So a bit of work to do tomorrow. At the end of this (third) week of training, I have totalled 147 miles, which brings my overall total to 395 miles.

With my girls staying for the week, I know that training is going to be difficult at times this week, so I won't get up to 50 miles in a day, but I want to get to 45 miles by the end of week 4. That leaves my final week of training to hit 55 miles in preparation for the (average) 65 miles a day on the tour.

Training summary: 32 miles today, 394 miles total (147 in week 3)

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