Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Perseverance (Training day 10)

Alarm set for 6.20 again, and managed to drag mysef out of bed for the 17 mile cycle to work. More of a struggle today than yesterday, as I've proved to myself hat I can do it ... but I've got to keep doing this day after day to build up the stamina.

Talked to some other keen cyclists at work today, who have forwarded me blogs and newsletters about long distance cycling. The most useful thing I've found so far ... is the joy of chocolate milk! I hate chocolate ... well quite dislike it if not quite hate. But chocolate milk is just great as an energy buzz when the legs are feeling like jelly. With loads of sugar, fat and protein, it gets the legs going again in minutes. Strawberry milk tastes better, but doesn't seem as effective.

Rush home to get to the bike shop before it shuts. Try out several bikes before settling on a road bike hybrid - another Specialized like my mountain bike. It's half the weight of my other bike, and feels like double the power with no suspension and proper shoes and cleats. It needs adjustment and servicing, so I arrange collection for tomorrow.

Training summary: 34 miles today, 193 miles total

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