Monday, 4 June 2007

Non training (day 30)

Today is the first day of training that I have missed out on training ... if that makes sense. Packaged my new bike up and delivered it to Evans cycles this morning for servicing and delivery to Lands end. After a full day at work , Icouldn't face taking my old bike out for training this evening. The old mountain bike, that was my pride and joy three weeks ago, now seems old and heavy. Time for a good night's sleep, and tackle this problem in the morning. I've still got 4 days training to go before the tour starts, and I want to get up to 55 miles in day before starting.

I also had the rather starnge experience of emptying my office today. With redundancy on Friday, and plans to cycle to work for the rest of the week, I emptied out all my files, folders and documents. All the work that I saved as important for the last six years ... now in the recycling bin. Strange old world isn't it?

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