Thursday, 31 May 2007

Milestone 45 (Training day 26)

Significant goal today, achieving 45 miles in the day - the target for this week. I hadn't been sure about this goal, just because of time available for training this week. But got up early today, and managed 17 miles before work. After many meetings, managed to leave early and fit in 28 miles on the way home. So the nest target is 55 miles in a day next week ...

The first day of the tour proper is 56 miles. At least by then I won't have the distractions of work to get in the way of training. It's the end of my penultimate week before redundancy, and I can't wait. The cycling training, collecting information for the goal setting book, and preparing for my future life are all way more motivating than the drawn-out end to the current work. Just got to hang on to the end to collect that final pay cheque!

Training summary: 45 miles today, 549 miles total

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