Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Too many Meetings (Training day 18)

Hmmm, this working business is really getting in the way of my training. Even with redundancy looming in a few weeks, there still seems to be too many days when I have to be in the office at unfortunate times. Had a full day of meetings today, starting at 8.30, so no time to train before work … and change, shower etc before meetings.

Perhaps I should have taken a couple of weeks between redundancy and starting the tour, to complete the training when more time is available. But then, it seems with any goal, that the time that is available to prepare … that is exactly how long it takes to prepare. So just setting the deadline is probably more important than the actual time available.

Rushed home to train in the evening, but even that was disrupted today, so only managed 7 miles to Brockham and back. Interesting to note that this was the same route I used for my first training session on day 1. But now, with two weeks of training and a new road bike, this took less than 30 minutes and felt like a warm-up rather than training.

Training summary: 7 miles today, 300 miles total

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