Sunday, 27 May 2007

Heavy rain (Training day 22)

Up again at 6.30 for today's training session. Off into the wettest weather I have yet trained in. This isn't just rain, it's a swimming pool being emptied from the sky - constantly. After two hours, the waterproof is still doing a great job at keeping my top half dry, but my feet could just have easily been diving all morning rather than cycling. Press on and on, for my longest journey by far (so far), including some good steep hills in this - Zig Zag road up to Boxhill, Ranmore and Leith Hill. 40 miles according to Google maps.

Cheered myself up at the end of the ride with a few new purchases from Dorking's latest bike shop - Head for the Hills. Lots of interesting new gear that I could have bought, but I limited myslef to a few tools and some over-shoes. Hopefully the next time the heavens open for emptying, I'll be able to keep my feet a bit drier.

On a positive note, if i can keep going for 40 miles in that sort of deluge, I have great confidence that it will be much easier in the sun (hopefully) during the tour. With the beautiful (?) June weather, it must be easier than today ...

Training summary: 40 miles today, 434 miles total

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