Thursday, 24 May 2007

Getting Serious Again (Training day 19)

Finally time to start the day with a training session. Having not done this for a week, I take the mid-route to work - 11 miles up Ranmore Hill and through Westhumble before attacking the Zig Zag road. This puts two significant hills under my belt before the day has even really started. Chocolate milk on the corn flakes seems to help this, mentally and physically!

The sponsorship site is going from strength to strength - £660 in the first two days it was up. I am amazed by the generous contributions from many of my friends, family and colleagues. I followed up with some more emails to continue the success.

Although I'm in a rush to get home, I use the same mid-route as getting to work. With my new bike, it's no problem to get through the 11 miles nearly as quickly as the direct route used to take me. In the evening, passing round a form at my evening class (wine-tasting if you're interested) generates more sponsorship.

Training summary: 22 miles today, 322 miles total

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