Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Finding the Right Tour (Training day 4)

Spoke to Ian (my neighbour) about my mad venture, and he suggested a company that runs organised tours. What a great idea - I hadn't thought of that. Someon else can carry my bags, tent and gear. That reduces most of the load on the bike during the day, and there's probably help on hand in case of emergency. Ian suggested a couple of companies, but the ride seemed to be compressed into a very short time - too quick for my available training period. Eventually I found Bike Adventures, who were running a supported tour starting on the 9th June ... the day after my planned redundancy. Now that seemed too perfect to be just coincidence.

Checking out their tour, there are camping places available, so I pan to cycle withthem. But I don't quite get around to calling them, and I recognise some doubts still in my mind about being able to complete this journey. Although I am still telling people that I am going on this mad journey, part of me is delaying committing to the final decision. At least recognising this behaviour is part way to being able to to deal with it ...

Cycled to work (7 miles) and back home through Ranmore (11 miles) to take my total to over 50 miles so far. Wanted to go over Ranmore Common to Abinger and home, to add an extra 5 miles or so, but it was too cold. I was prepared for spring weather, not the sudden return of winter.

Training summary: 18 miles today, 55 miles total

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