Saturday, 23 June 2007

Day 14 - Rain on the Moors - Evanton to Bettyhill

This was the worst day for me - wet, grey and foggy all day with no views to speak of. Well, there probably are views across the Highlands here, but you couldn't see much further than the edge of the road - fog or rain obscured the rest. A day of just pushing on and on. Stopped briefly at Shin Falls to buy a postcard and dry out, but the helpful shop assistant complained about the number of bikes and we moved on.

Didn't see many people, even fewer cars across the bleak moorland, but at least the rain seems to keep the midges at bay. Or is it the total body cover I have to wear that's working against them. Arrive at Bettyhill late afternoon to find no camp set up - what about our tea and cakes? The vans have been delayed so we retire to the hotel for a beer. Checking in, I find there's no en-suite, so sneak into the only bath before anyone else has noticed. Then time for beer, cakes and plan dinner.

After days of grey on the moors, the views from Bettyhill are wonderful - the beaches , the coast and even some sun occasionally. The whole group are eating together at the Bettyhill Hotel tonight - comrades together almost sad to be ending the tour. So dinner, a few games of pool and late to bed, hoping for sun tomorrow.

Highlands riverThe final hill into BettyhillView form Bettyhill Hotel
Highlands riverThe final hill into BettyhillView form Bettyhill Hotel

Today's route from Google maps
Tour summary: 77 miles planned, 79 miles actual, 1015 miles total so far.

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