Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Close to the End (Training day 32)

Visit to mobile phone shop this morning, as I lose my company mobile at the end of the week. Given the 33000+ choices there were on moneysupermartket, it was impossible to choose without going into one of the shops. I loved the look of the Blackberyy Pearl, but I eventually settled for a new SmartPhone from MDA. Now I can keep up to date with email while I'm on the road ... in theory. It also claims to have sat nav included, which might come in useful in case of fog, fire or just getting lost.

Just a short ride to Betchworth and back. It's really hard work being back on the mountain bike. The road bike seems so much easier - not sure how much of that is an illusion, just because I can't ride it at the moment.

Training summary: 10 miles today, 630 miles total

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