Monday, 14 May 2007

Breaking into the 30's (Training day 9)

Serious training started yesterday, and today I broke through 30 miles in a day. Up early (setting the alarm clock for 6.20), cycled the long way to work (17 miles) and the same way home. This is a great start to the day - currently listening to Tony Robbins on the Ipod for energy and motivation.

Contacted Evans Cycles again today, to book a time for measuring me. If I'm going to be on the same bike for 15 days solid cycling, it had better fit me. They can't fit me in until the week after next ... oh well. I need the road bike this week, so i'll just have to get the best fit I can. The mountain bike is great for training, as it's such hard work. but i need a new bike for several weeks before the tour starts to get used to it. Plan to buy one tomorrow.

Training summary: 34 miles today, 165 miles total

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