Friday, 11 May 2007

Booking the Tour (Training day 6)

Prevarication over! Today I booked the tour - 15 days cycling starting on June 10th. I have been telling everyone (including myself) that it's 850 miles, but that's probably the shortest route you would take, with some form of internal combustion engine propelling your journey. Given the hills that need to be climbed or circumvented, the actual bike ride will be 1,000 miles - nearly an extra 20% on the journey. But hey, in for a penny, in for a pound.

And talking of pounds, Olivia (my partner) is trying to persuade me to raise sponsorship for some charity. Given that I am spending this amount of time and effort to undertake the trip, I guess it makes sense to raise money on the way. I have chosen a charity, one that I have been supporting for about a year in other ways - The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign.

I also reached another goal today - 20 miles cycling in a day - 2 days ahead of schedule. I cycled 11 miles to work and 11 miles home again. The new target for next week is 30 miles by the end of the week.

Met up with some old friends this evening - Roger Waters concert at Earls Court. I boldly told them about my planned epic adventure, and was pleased to get lots of positive responses. One guy (DDST) has cycled LEJOG before, and wants to meet up for a day on the ride. Should be passing near his place in Cheshire.

Training summary: 22 miles today, 96 miles total

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