Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Back to work (Training day 3)

First day back at work after my huge decision. I get up early and cycle up the Zig Zag road to work - 7 miles to start the day. Home the long way through Ranmore to make 18 miles in total for the day - that's 36 miles since starting training. Feels like I'm on the right road (!)

Most importantly, I start to tell colleagues about my plan. i getall the reactions you can imagine - some think I'm mad, others just smile, and some are really supportive. Suggestions for websites to look at and people to contact start to come in regularly.

Part of my thinking is that the more people I tell, the more committed I am to going through with this. Setting the goal in my head was the start, creating a vision of doing it came next, and telling others to build committment is the current step. And I han't realised before now, that I have a clear vision that is helping to drive this on - a picture of me cycling over the final hill towards John O'Groats. That picture of completion is the key driver to keeping going.

Training summary: 18 miles today, 36 miles total

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