Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Back to Training (Day 17)

After my (sort of)days off, I finally get to use my new road bike properly. But no time for a long ride into work, take the direct route - just 7 miles. The miles fly by with the new suspension-free design. I'm quite nervous of the new shoes and cleats - always have been since an experience many years ago when I couldn't get feet out of pedals at traffic lights. So I've loosened off the springs on these pedals, so it seems quite simple to pull feet of the bike quickly. And I keep practising at every potential junction.

I've now received sponsorship forms and help from the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign, and one of their people helps me with setting up a justgiving site. Mail out the link to friends, family and colleagues, and there is already an amazing £410 committed by the end of the day.

The first big test of the new bike comes at the end of the day - an extended ride home. I fly through the journey, as far as Gomshall and Abinger Hammer before returning home - 21 miles according to Google maps. So, after the brief interlude, I'm already back up to nearly 30 miles a day.

Training summary: 28 miles today, 294 miles total

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