Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Back on the Mountain Bike (Training day 31)

Back on the mountain bike for an early, but short cycle to work. Just getting used to the different shape of bike, heavier weight, lack of cleats etc. Same way home, for 15 miles in total.

Submitted my blog for inclusion in The Ultimate Links List of Land's End to John o'Groats Cycle Trips, maintained by Ian claire. Lots of great descriptions, helpful tips and useful (and conflicting) advice from the huge array of people who've written about doing this before. Around 4,000 people manage the LEJOG ride each year, generally taking 10-15 days.

The sponsorship crept over £1500 yesterday. I've requested matching contribution from the organisation before I leave, which has helped move towards the target of £2000. There are still a few outstanding pledges that haven't been recorded yet, but it's looking like I might need to rattle a collecting tin in pubs along the way to make the final target!

Training summary: 15 miles today, 620 miles total

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