Friday, 8 June 2007

And finally (Training day 34)

The last day of training, and the last day of employment with my current organisation. Need to return my company car, so no cycling to or from work. Final training session in the evening.

When I look back on the training, I really peaked around weeks 3 and 4, managing 150 and 200 miles in those weeks. This final week has been more of a struggle, with lots of logistics challenges - time needed to sort out other stuff around leaving work. But also, a severe challenge has been going back to the mountain bike. It just feels sluggish getting on that to do road work after the joy of my new road bike. So I haven't made the final goal, of 55 miles in a day this week. But I'm quietly confident that the performance in weeks 3 and 4 has prepared me for the grand tour.

Final total for training will be just over 650 miles, so I haven't quite reached the 700 miles that Simon Berry put in as training last year. That was my benchmark when I started training, but I feel that I'm close enough with 650 miles in 5 weeks. Now off to the tour - 1,000 miles in two weeks!

Training summary: 15 miles today, 660 miles total

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