Monday, 7 May 2007

Bank Holiday (Training day 2)

My partner (Olivia) thinks I'm mad. She knows I haven't cycled more than 10 miles in a month this year, so getting up to 850 miles in 2-3 weeks is going to be a steep training curve. I'm still building up the confidence - I used to cycle a lot before I moved to Surrey. I still cycle to work (very) ccasionally, so I'm sure I can build up the training in the next few weeks.

I prove this to myself by cycling up the Zig Zag road at Boxhill, then continue over Ranmore hill and home. That's 11 miles today, nearly double yesterday's ... at that rate, I could easily be doing 50 miles by next week. We'll see ...

Still searching on the web for routes and campsites, I contact CTC for route and advice. They don't laugh about my little time for preparation - quite a relief!

Training summary: 11 miles today, 18 miles total

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